Steel Panel Roofing

Steel Panel Roofing – A Long Lasting and Versatile Roofing Option

There has been an increasing demand for the development of sustainable roofing solutions over the past decade. This has resulted in growing use of metal roof solutions including steel panel roofing. Metal roofing products include roofing panels and sheets that are composed of different materials. These metal roofing products are designed to withstand the impact of natural forces. These roofing solutions are durable and available in multiple design options.

How is steel panel roofing produced?

The metal roofing solutions include roof products made of materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, other alloys, and so on. Steel panel roofing is particularly popular as it is available in abundance. The steel roofing panels are composed of minimum 25% recycled steel content. Typically the panels are created by feeding metal roofing coils into roll formers. The roll formers are designed to create rolls, curves, as well as bends on the metal. Steel roofing coil of the desired width can be obtained with the aid of the rollers for these steel roof panels.

Once the coil has been obtained, it is galvanized by dipping it in zinc (Galvanized steel) or a mixture of zinc and aluminum (Galvalume). G-90 is the common thickness of zinc used in galvanized steel and this means 0.90 ounces zinc is used for coating each square foot area of steel. Such coating is essential since it provides protection to the steel panel roofing against rusting and corrosion. After the galvanization the coils are placed in painting machine and a coat of primer is applied. After baking of the primer, a coat of paint is applied. Typically the actual thickness of steel is measured in gauge with the available options being 24 gauge, 26 gauge, and so forth. If gauge number of steel is higher, the steel panel is considered to be thinner. So 26 gauge panel is thinner compared to 24 gauge panel steel.

Benefits of Steel Panel Roofing

Durability, Versatility, and Long Lifespan

Steel panel roofing is incredibly strong and durable, besides being lightweight. It can be installed with ease and is available in different design options, styles, and colors. The steel roofing system can provide protection against natural elements such as rainfall, snow, high winds, and so on. The special coatings provide resistance against corrosion. Steel roofing has a lifespan of 30 to 40 years and normally 24 gauge standing seam roof systems are used.

Low Maintenance System

Steel panel roofing also has fire resistance properties and it can also be installed over the existing roofing system. Besides having a long life span, steel roofing is also a low maintenance roofing system. While its initial cost may be higher, it proves to be a low cost and beneficial investment over the course of its life.

Installation of Steel Panel Roofing

The selection of steel panel roofing should be done based on information about acceptable loads in the area. The factors that should be taken into consideration for correct selection of steel roofing includes shape as well as pitch of roof, geographic conditions in the area, and roof mean height. Experienced roofing professionals can provide appropriate guidance in selection of roofing panels as well as their installation.

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