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Identifying Factors that Have Contributed to Increased Sale of Steel Roofing Sheets

Property owners seek roofing solutions that are can provide protection to the structure and residents. The ideal roofing solutions should also be durable and stylish. Metal roofing solutions have been identified as environmentally friendly, durable, and versatile solutions that can provide adequate protection. More number of property owners are now choosing metal roofing solutions including steel roofing sheets. 

Reasons for Growing Demand for Steel Roofing Sheets

Steel is a metal that is lightweight and capable of withstanding the impact of natural forces such as wind, rain, snow, and so on. Steel is coated with zinc or zinc and aluminum and such coating provides protection against rust or corrosion. Steel roofing sheets are therefore tougher compared to traditional roofing options such as asphalt, wood, tiles, slate, and so forth. The conventional roofing solutions tend to break apart, curl, or crack in extreme weather. However, steel can face such weather and end up with minimum dent damage of this steel roofing.

Steel is lightweight compared to conventional roofing materials and so it can be easily installed over the existing roofing system. Steel roofing materials weigh just 1.5 pounds for every square foot, while conventional materials such as tile weigh as much as 7.5 pounds per square foot. The installation process itself can be easily finished and additional reinforcements to the structure are not needed. The steel sheets can be easily cut as well as bent at the site of the job. This ensures that each panel can be properly screwed or fit in place. Compared to this, installing asphalt shingles or tiles can be an extremely time consuming job.

Hire The Best Metal Roofers You Can

Compared to conventional roofing products, steel roofing sheets are composed of recycled material and are also recyclable at the end of their lifespan. They are also designed to shed water and snow. Since steel sheets are fire resistant, property owners can also enjoy reduced insurance costs (you do not have to worry about any Molotov cocktail threats because that weapon will not work against your steel protected roof, just kidding―but it will not!). Steel sheets can be selected to withstand wind uplift and water penetration limits, as specified by local building codes. The sheets are also designed to prevent problems such as build-up of snow as well as ice dams.

The use of steel roofing sheets increase the property value. This is because steel roofs tend to have a life span of 40 to 60 years and require very little maintenance in this time. Once an investment in steel roofs has been made, property owners or prospective buyers are not required to spend any more towards the steel roof or its maintenance. The steel roofs are available in different styles such as vertical rib, standing seam, or corrugated sheets. Steel roofs are also available in slate, shingles, and tile styles.

Installation of Steel Roofing Sheets

After choosing the style of steel roofing sheets, the area of the roof needs to be calculated so as to identify the exact number of panels required. The installation should be ideally done by professional roofers with expertise in the installation of steel roofing solutions. It is important to start the installation process from the end that is opposite to direction of the prevailing wind. It is also important to follow the manufacturers guidelines during the installation process―for many reasons you can get new roof panels.

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