Metal Roofing Panels

Metal Roofing Panels – Roofing Solutions Offering Optimum Durability and Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing panels have become a popular roofing choice due to their durability and the exceptional protection they offer against natural forces. Property owners interested in opting for metal roofing solutions would be well advised to learn about these effective roofing systems. Metal roofs not only provide protection to the structure of property and its interiors, but these come in aesthetically pleasing designs and with multiple color options. Metal roof solutions can give the property a modern and stylish look.

Composition of Metal Roofing Panels

Metal Roofing Panels

Most metal roofing panels are composed of materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and other alloys. These materials are not only sturdy, but can withstand wear and tear, dents, and effects of aging. These materials are covered with protective coatings and paints to prevent problems such as rusting or corrosion on these roofing sheets. These coatings also contribute towards improved infrared emittance as well as high solar reflectance. This in turn ensures that the metal roofs do not get too hot in summer or too cool in winter. Property owners can therefore enjoy reduced energy costs.

Types of Metal Roofing Panels

While metal roofing panels are available in multiple styles, these different designs and styles largely fall under two classifications – Architectural and structural metal roofing panels. Architectural roofing panels are designed to facilitate water shedding. Installation of architectural roofing panels is possible if the roof has adequate slope, along with roofing underlayment and continuous deck.  Structural panel systems on the other hand are installed in low slope roofs. These are designed to prevent water infiltration at laps as well as joints through use of sealants.

The pre formed panels may include concealed fastener panels as well as exposed fastener panels. Exposed fastener panels tend to have fasteners or screws that are visible while in concealed fastener systems the screws or fasteners tend to be hidden.

How to Select Metal Roofing Panels

How to Select Metal Roofing

The metal roofing panels should be selected based on detailed inspection of the roof decking, framing as well as pitch. The selection of roof panels depends on the roof pitch requirements. Other factors that should be taken into consideration while selecting metal roof systems include size of the roof, complexity of design, weather in the area, budget, style, and so on.

The choice of metal roofing also depends on the specific installation requirements for different roof types as well as maintenance requirements of the roofing system. Depending on size of the roof, the number of roofing panels required can be identified. Besides roofing panels, flashing and other relevant hardware is also required. In some cases the metal panels can be installed over the existing roof. In such case furring strips or asphalt paper may be added between the old and the new roofing system. It is important to ensure that the metal roofing panels selected come with warranties.

Long-term Thinking

The roofing professionals selected should have specialized expertise in installation of metal roofing systems chosen by the property owners. Such specialized experts are able to follow the manufacturers instructions in the installation process. Experienced metal roofing professionals can also provide support and maintenance services in the future.

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